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Our mission is to show valuable examples of age-old traditions and cultures, world-changing ideas and activities, amazing creations of the nature and the human kind.

We are committed in heart and mind to explore our world, discover new places, find new answers, get closer to the stories that matter and provide educational tools to curious minds around the world.


Using our passion for traveling and exploring the world to inspire curiosity and be the most influential content creator.

Aims & Values

We believe in the genuine power of curiosity, exploration and storytelling to move the world.

We believe that learning shouldn’t have an age limit and our commitment is to bring our audience the pleasure to know.

We believe creativity is the lifeblood of our organization.

We believe that access to a shared heritage – whether in art, culture or social history - makes people’s lives richer. Our work aims to make this valuable content accessible and beneficial to more people.

We believe that every generation has a wisdom to share and we strive to create bridges between people of all ages.

We believe our contribution lies also in preserving our nature, highlighting game changers, providing learning opportunities for young people, and celebrate our diverse cultures. Our aim is helping to make the world a better and more vibrant place.

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