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FOREGROUND Foundation is a non-profit organization that finds, illuminates and creates engaging educational and entertaining content.

Our mission is to show valuable examples of age-old traditions and cultures, world-changing ideas and activities, amazing creations of the nature and the human kind.

Fields of intervention

Our approach is based on a global vision and a set of strategies that enable us to implement programs and actions of local interest, and project them into European dimension.

Cultural heritage

We believe that by understanding cultural heritage people value it.
By valuing it people want to care for it.
By caring for it, it will help people enjoy it. From enjoying it comes a thirst to understand.

We are committed to explore and promote our cultural and natural heritage in order to support intercultural exchange and education, to contribute to the development of high quality research, new insights and challenges to current thinking, and provide creative approaches to learning and teaching.


We believe that curiosity conquers fear even more than bravery does, and investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

We love sharing our knowledge. By developing educational resources and programs we aim to provide in-person and online experiences that work at local and international levels. We also implement educational projects and activities to inspire today's changemakers to live curious, responsible, and empowered lives and protect the wonder of our world.

Social design

We believe that putting the needs of those who experience a problem in the core of the problem solving is the only way to end up with a working solution.

Our work is dedicated to developing and implementing groundbreaking and visionary design projects in the social sector. To create a positive impact we apply human-centered approach to innovation and strive to bring together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

Work & Activities

  • Production and promotion of creative content, documentary films and programs
  • Development of interactive tools for deeper engagement with cultural and natural heritage
  • Development of educational materials, tools and courses
  • Organisation of cultural and art events
  • Design for Social change
  • Destination Branding

Projects & Initiatives


01 Feb 2021

Our project Human Times, funded by the Europe for Citizens program, officially starts today, symbolically on the Day of Homage and Gratitude to the Victims of the Communist Regime in Bulgaria.

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